The Agent

Preferred shares in Advanced Mortgage Investment Corporation are sold via prospectus exemptions and can be sold by an exempt market dealer.

Advanced Capital Corporation (or “ACC”) is a registered exempt market dealer and is agent for Advanced Mortgage Investment Corporation. ACC is related to and connected to AMIC by virtue of common ownership and control.

Advanced Capital Corporation
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Monthly Income

AMIC has distributed monthly dividends (plus an annual top-up dividend) since inception.

dividend history

Consistent Returns

AMIC’s shareholders have received an annual individual rate of return of at least 7% since operations commenced.

Growth of $10k Over time

Local Team

AMIC is proud to call Ottawa home. Because we are local, our team can meet with you in person.

the advanced team

Transparent Reporting

AMIC (via the manager and the agent) provides regular, clear reporting about its lending portfolio.

portfolio data

Valuation Methodology

The value of the properties in the AMIC portfolio is the cornerstone upon which AMIC’s returns are based.

valuation tools

Fixed Share Price

AMIC uses a fixed price of $1 per share. 100% of net income is distributed to shareholders each year.

about volatility

What is a MIC?

Simply put, a MIC is a company that pools shareholder capital, lends that capital out as mortgages, earns income via interest and fees, and pays 100% of its net income (after expenses like management fees or audit fees) back to the shareholders.

How does a MIC work?