AMIC Shares In Your RRSP

Preferred shares in AMIC are eligible to be held in registered plans.

Please consult with your tax professional for advice on the impact of AMIC shares to your personal tax strategy.

AMIC shares held in an RRSP, RESP, RDSP, TFSA or RIF account are eligible to participate in the DRIP or dividend investment program. Registered plan investors may also opt to have monthly cash dividends remitted to the plan trustee.

At this time, AMIC is an approved investment for plan holders with self-directed accounts at:

  • Olympia Trust
  • Questrade
  • Western Pacific Trust

If your self-directed RRSP trustee or registered plan trustee is not listed above:

  • Contact us to determine if we have a one-off or per-purchase arrangement with your existing trustee.
  • If not, ask your existing self-directed plan trustee if AMIC shares can be added to their approved product shelf.
  • If your trustee cannot approve AMIC shares for their product shelf, the Advanced team can help you transfer your plan (in full or in part) to one of the approved trustees.

Each trustee will charge a fee to purchase or redeem AMIC shares in addition to the trustee’s annual fees. Trustee fees are not included in AMIC’s reporting to you and are not paid or funded by AMIC or by Advanced Capital Corp. (the exempt market dealer and agent for AMIC).

AMIC shares held outside of a registered plan can be used to make an in-kind contribution to your registered plan.